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Recycling nonprofit is making an impact with local businesses

Mitch Hedlund, center, showed off Recycle Across America’s easy to understand signs with Brent Ostrowski and Megan Dobratz.

Recycle Across America CEO Michelle "Mitch" Hedlund is getting traction in her quest to lift recycling results.

North Mankato's is among firms drawing seasonal help with shot at other jobs

Having employees compete for permanent jobs is part of NewAir’s long-term growth plans, product marketing manager Andrew Stephenson says.

Some companies find it's good business to connect workers to their next seasonal or permanent spot.

In challenging times, Chicago's Magnificent Mile retail rents stay among North America's highest

Chicago’s North Michigan Avenue storefronts still bring in some of the highest rents in North America.

Retailing's troubles haven't nicked rents in nation's most desirable locations.

Initial coin offerings: The future or the next major fraud?

The risk investors face in ICOs has not gone unnoticed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Learning the family key for outside executives in family business

Unlike public corporations, owners of family businesses seek a variety of outcomes in addition to business profits.

Mackay: Try to do what is night, not what is the most convenient

On the heels of recurrent tales of corruption in most every aspect of modern life, it is a commonly accepted fact that ethics are what each of us thinks other people should apply.

Ready for big career move? Analyze your interests, run the numbers

It's essential to know what you want to do and why it inspires you.

Chuck & Don's owners selling company to employees
Neal St. Anthony

More than 20 years ago, Bob Hartzell, who grew up in a family manufacturing business, received the cash "offer I couldn't refuse" for the division of the former Hartzell Corp. that he came to own through his late father.

Schafer: Smart-home devices can learn too much about our daily lives
Lee Schafer

So really how smart — and harmless — is one of these things?

Rochester's bold growth plans threatened by housing crisis

This economically vibrant city already was considered one of the hottest real estate markets in the state before the Mayo Clinic's $5.6 billion expansion took off in earnest last year with multiple construction projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Rooting out sex harassment at work is a struggle

As women tell their #MeToo stories and a growing tally of high-ranking men get fired or lose the support of their backers over boorish behavior, human resources professionals are doing some soul searching.

Wind project in southern Minnesota gets pushback

Wind farms often generate local antipathy as they grow both in number and economic importance to the energy industry, but the Freeborn project has sparked a higher level of opposition.

Walmart shares rise of strong earnings fueled by online sales

Walmart climbed 7.9 percent to $96.90 Thursday after it reported strong third-quarter results and raised its annual profit outlook. Online sales continued to surge and food sales were strong as well. Its shares closed Friday at $97.47.

Disaster claims soar in year of calamities

Taxpayers will pay tens of billions of dollars, much of it approved by Congress.

Minn. counties, cities joining rush of lawsuits against opioid producers

They are joining scores of county and local governments alleging manufacturers and distributors of prescription opioids are largely responsible for an epidemic of dangerous addiction.

Mental health issues cropping up as financial stress continues on farms

Years of low commodity prices have loaded producers with debt and anxiety.

In holiday twist, Best Buy is selling Barbies, while Penney's hawks TVs

Retailers are looking for ways to boost flagging sales and to stop shoppers from flocking to the likes of

Why sexual harassment training doesn't stop harassment

Research has shown that training has benefits — particularly in increasing awareness of what constitutes sexual harassment and how to report it. But it also shows that some efforts had a negative effect.

Plan would open MinnesotaCare to more individuals

MinnesotaCare now covers about 100,000 Minnesotans, and the governor's office estimates that number would double if it were opened up to people of all income levels.