Super Bowl LII: Dateline Minnesota
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Above: Carleen Quistad of Bloomington sports former Steelers Barrett Brooks' 2006 Super Bowl ring.

Carleen Quistad of Bloomington never expected former Steelers Barrett Brooks would slip a ring on her finger — a 2006 Super Bowl ring.

Quistad, who walks for fitness at the Mall of America every morning, watched as the Mall of America evolved into central station for Super Bowl media. And now football fans like her have gathered the last few days in front of the pop-up network television stages and along “Radio Row” as sports broadcasters interview celebrities and football stars.

Spotting Brooks, Quistad and a friend trailed the former offensive tackle when he left “Radio Row.” As he stepped on the escalator, Quistad’s friend yelled out: “Can we see your ring?
Sure, he said, waiting for them as they scurried down the escalator.
“He just took off his ring,” she said. “We both got to try it on.” she said.