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Franken says Sessions must resign if he lied under oath

Questions by Minnesota's Franken during confirmation hearing resurface and now have Sessions under scrutiny

New chair wants to make Ellison 'face of Democratic Party'

As deputy chairman, Ellison will keep Mpls. in spotlight.

Rep. Keith Ellison to stay in Congress after loss in DNC race

Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez beat U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison in a closely fought race to lead the Democratic Party as it tries to figure out how to take on GOP President Trump.

Rep. Keith Ellison courts last-minute support ahead of DNC vote

The Minnesota Democratic congressman is putting his career on the line in the race for party chairman this weekend.

Klobuchar seeks open inquiry on Trump's possible Russia ties

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is diving into the boiling controversy over Russia and President Donald Trump, vowing to leverage what she said are strong alliances with her Republican colleagues to push for an independent investigation.

Paulsen, emboldened by GOP rule but skeptical of Trump, targets tax reform

Minnesota companies fighting border tax plan that Paulsen supports; he hopes for 'win-win'

A tale of two Democratic senators

– Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., has been collecting national headlines and tweets full of speculation that he should run against President Trump in…

Minnesotans flooding Congress with calls as Trump makes waves

Trump's executive orders and Cabinet nominations have brought a flood of new contact with Minnesota's members of Congress

Stanek praises Trump after White House meeting: 'It was what can he do for us'

Hennepin County sheriff, now leading national group, talks opioids and immigration with Trump at White House

Minnesota consequences expected in Trump's freeze of environmental cleanup funds

Halt to federal funds could affect cleanup of contaminated sites, air quality control.