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Henry Garwick, co-founder of Steeple People store, dies at 94

Retired Honeywell engineer and member of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church combined his curiosity, technical skills and passion for social justice.

Duluth sisters want to help you fight the winter blues – on a bus

The Sol Sisters treat sun-starved Minnesotans to a dose of warm light.

'Giving jar' wasn't enough: Girl leads Blaine church drive to help homeless

Her efforts to help the homeless netted hundreds of donations when she thought her "giving jar" wasn't enough.

Ice cream made out of snow turns a cold shoulder to safety concerns

Do snowflakes pack a hidden punch from toxic pollutants?

At the U, future doctors and nurses learning to treat patients with food

Taught by a doctor and a chef, U class focuses on better health through healthier eating.

Twin Cities book clubs are having a 'senior' moment

Reading and socializing may help reduce the health risks of social isolation, making book clubs a hit with Minnesotans in senior homes.

Full-scale Hogwarts comes to life for Harry Potter fans in Minnetonka

You can tour the ultimate Harry Potter experience created by a Minnetonka business owner for her daughter's college graduation.

Women's hands really are colder than men's, scientists confirm

Using thermal images, University of Utah researchers compared the hands of men and women, and found that women's hands typically run 2.8 degrees Fahrenheit colder than men's.

Despite major risks, Minnesota teens embracing DIY tattoos

Hand-poked body art is going mainstream, worrying health experts.

Robbinsdale nurse heads to beloved Puerto Rico to help after hurricane

"My heart was getting pulled," said the former Broadway dancer, who has traveled often to the island. "I thought, 'I've got to do something.' "