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Alicia Eler is the Star Tribune's visual art critic/arts reporter. She is the author of the book “The Selfie Generation” (Skyhorse Publishing), which has been reviewed in the New York Times, WIRED Magazine and the Chicago Tribune.

A native of Chicago by way of L.A., Eler's writing has also been published in Glamour, the Guardian, CNN, Hyperallergic, Art21 Magazine, LA Weekly, and Aperture.

Giant art by famed rocker Grant Hart will adorn St. Paul's Palace Theatre

St. Paul theater will install giant mural-like sculptures to honor the late Grant Hart.

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Unraveling one of the mysteries of museums: What kind of art do they collect — or get rid of?

St. Paul artist mixes sacred themes with 'simple objects' to unpack Hmong-American experience

A St. Paul artist used mass-produced materials for a trio of installations packed with rich Hmong-American narratives.

After self-imposed hiatus, famed Minnesota photographer Alec Soth returns

His show opens Friday at Weinstein Hammons Gallery in Minneapolis.

In 'Black Identities,' Minneapolis Institute of Art draws a map to a better world

"Black Identities" aims to start a dialogue about how we view art, and the artists themselves.

Growing in skill at 63, Minnesota artist Jim Denomie is a 'delayed bloomer'

At 63, Jim Denomie is finally hitting his stride, making paintings packed with color, humor and a potent dose of righteous fury.

Musings on black history and more in three Twin Cities photo shows

Two exhibits for Black History Month and one for the sake of still images.