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Interactive Data Journalist | Metro

Palazzolo is a newsroom developer at the Star Tribune creating interactive, visual content as well as tools used throughout the newsroom. He previously worked in similar positions at WNYC and MinnPost and was an inaugural Code for America fellow. Before coming to journalism, Alan created technology for nonprofit organizations.

Minnesota Election Guide: Where major candidates stand on the issues

With the governor's office, both U.S. senators and all eight U.S. House seats on the ballot in November, Minnesota is shaping up to be Ground Zero in a this year's high-stakes midterm elections.

Beating the Odds: Which Minnesota schools are scoring better than expected?

A Star Tribune analysis of standardized math and reading test scores can determine whether schools are doing better than their demographics would suggest. Look up whether your school made the cut.

In last weeks before primary, Pawlenty, Walz maintain money lead

Though neither have their party's endorsement, Republican candidate Tim Pawlenty and DFL candidate Tim Walz have raised significantly more campaign cash than their rivals in the last weeks before contested primaries.

In Senate races, Smith, Klobuchar fundraising juggernauts in full swing

It's rare to have two Senate seats on the ballot in a single year, but it's one of the reasons Minnesota is a state to watch come November.

In lead-up to primary, Minnesota's nationally-watched congressional races bring in millions

No state is home to more toss-up congressional races than Minnesota. The Third District has already surpassed the $6M mark for fundraising, and the suddenly-open Fifth is heating up.

Mayoral Calculus

In Minneapolis, the path to electoral victory was complex as candidates jostled through multiple rounds of ranked-choice vote re-allocation before it was certain Jacob Frey had enough votes to win.

Twin Cities' gravel needs grow, but there's less of it every day

The region is increasingly reliant on mines in the southeast metro to make our concrete and asphalt, a resource that's a lot cheaper if it's local.

Golf courses give way to new housing amid demand for land

More than 900 acres of golf courses have been redeveloped across the metro.

Farms and factories fade in burgeoning metro cities

Three suburbs and two central cities led the metro area in the most acres changed to a new land use between 2010 and 2016. Here's which ones, and why.