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Aimee Blanchette is a digital content reporter and lifestyles writer in the Star Tribune's Variety section. She began working for the Star Tribune in 2004 and has covered real estate, business, education and fashion. She helped launch, produce and anchor NewsBreak, the daily webcast on Aimee has a deep affinity for all things Minnesota.

'It's an epidemic': Gretchen Carlson takes on sexual harassment crisis

The Anoka native says America is at a tipping point for dismantling the culture of sexual harassment.

KFAN's Chris Hawkey opens up about depression

Radio star Chris Hawkey on his lifelong struggles with depression: "I'm a broken individual just like so many other people out there."

Moorhead woman writes own obituary: 'Forgive someone who doesn't deserve it'

She filled her own obituary with advice, and the Fargo-Moorhead community honored her by hanging their holiday lights early.

Postpartum doulas are in high demand with millennial moms

They will plan meals, change diapers, walk dogs, run errands, tidy the house and care for babies at night so that new parents can sleep.

MSP's 'flight to nowhere' helps people get comfortable with flying

Airport wants to take the fear out of flying for people with special needs.

Map shows weirdest town names by state — see which in Minnesota made the list

Little Canadians reject list of America's most unusual town names.

Pet monkey who was 'kind of a celebrity' around St. Paul has died

Mikee, 'the last legal pet monkey in Minnesota,' dies at 19.

How to carve a pumpkin like a pro

A master carver dishes on her tips and tricks, and even shows us how to make a Prince pumpkin.

Former Vikings player reveals he can sing, stuns judges on 'The Voice'

On Monday night, 300-pound retired defensive tackle Esera Tuaolo traded knocking over football opponents for stunning the judges during the season premiere of NBC's "The Voice."

Maple Grove graduate makes the finals of Fox's 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Taylor Sieve, 19, wowed the judges on Monday night, cementing her spot in the final four.