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Aimee Blanchette is a digital content reporter and lifestyles writer in the Star Tribune's Variety section. She began working for the Star Tribune in 2004 and has covered real estate, business, education and fashion. She helped launch, produce and anchor NewsBreak, the daily webcast on Aimee has a deep affinity for all things Minnesota.

Fans push 'Millie to Philly' for 99-year-old-Vikings fan; she settles for Super Bowl

Ninety-nine-year-old Millie Wall, now considered the best Vikings' good luck charm of all time, is going to the Super Bowl.

Facebook event calls for people to dress up like birds, slam into U.S. Bank Stadium

A Facebook event calls for people to dress up like birds and run into the glass at U.S. Bank Stadium.

More Minnesota couples saying 'I do' to winter weddings

Getting married in the offseason means a beautiful wintry backdrop for photos, and some cost savings, too.

Vikings surprise 99-year-old with tickets to her first playoff game: 'I've been a fan forever'

Will one of the Vikings' oldest fans help them bring home the victory on Sunday?

Gretchen Carlson in the Twin Cities to 'inspire women to know that their voice matters'

The former Fox News host is urging underprivileged women to speak out in the fight against sexual harassment and domestic violence.

Twitter war erupts over whether there's a Minnesota-style pizza

"If your slice is shaped like a triangle, it's not Minnesota-style pizza," said Red Savoy's president Reed Daniels.

KARE 11's Seavert delivers baskets of hope to Twin Cities moms on bed rest

The local TV reporter is helping high-risk mothers have a more comfortable long-term hospital stay.

'Santa' drops $1,000 on shoppers from fourth floor, gets kicked out of Mall of America

The charitable stunt stunned shoppers, and angered mall security.

Chelsea Handler makes feminist fashion statement on 'Ellen' wearing Minn. T-shirt

The comedian appeared on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" touting female empowerment while wearing a shirt from My Sister.

Minneapolis' iconic Grain Belt sign to light up again — and you can buy bulb

The Grain Belt Beer sign has been dark for years, but is ready to shine again.