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This comforting meal of beef and sauteed mushrooms mingling in a velvety, sour cream-enriched sauce has the same basic ingredients of a classic stroganoff, but they are re-proportioned so the dish is much better for you, with a balanced richness that satisfies in a lighter way.

Here, compared with the traditional recipe, the ratio of beef to mushrooms is flipped. So while there is tender steak in every bite, meaty mushrooms are more of a major player. Regular sour cream — not reduced- or low-fat — with its uncompromised, cultured, spoon-coating silkiness, gives the sauce its distinctive essence. But this recipe calls for about half of what many recipes call for and does the trick without adding heaviness.

Using olive oil instead of butter also helps keep the dish in the healthful zone. Spiked with a tangy hint of mustard, sprinkled with fresh parsley and served over egg noodles (look for whole-grain), it's an Old World dinner with a new outlook.