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Concordia College criticized for cuts in language majors

Concordia College's move to drop language majors vexes students, alumni.

North Dakota slows down as oil boom ebbs

As oil prices have skidded to $30 a barrel, new drilling has dried up here, and the flood of wealth and workers is abating.

Paul Douglas on Weather
Minnesota Cold: 3 Nights Below Zero This Week - Rough Travel Southern Counties

It was another mild, partly cloudy, partly-drizzly February weekend with highs near 40F, but reality sets in today - in fact this may be the second coldest week of winter. Nothing excessive, not even close to record territory, but neighbors will be grumbling about the wind chill by midweek.

Reusse blog: What coaches will be here when Super Bowl LII arrives? Here are percentages

Monitoring the angst of Twin Cities sports followers from a distance got me thinking, and that's always dangerous.

The Martin O'Malley Campaign: A Fight Against the Odds

Even though O'Malley dropped out of the Campaign his team in New Hampshire fought till the end.

Grace after gunfire: 'The Amish Project' has its must-see regional premiere at Minneapolis' Guthrie Theater

Playwright-actor Jessica Dickey plays all the parts in a compelling drama based on a true crime.

James Lileks
James Lileks: A missing part sheds light on mysteries of Internet shopping

This is a cautionary tale about buying big things on the Internet. To paraphrase the "Beverly Hillbillies" theme song: "Come and listen to a story…

Sid Hartman
Hartman: Super Bowl spectacle had simple beginnings in 1967

With this being Super Bowl 50 and seeing all of the enormous coverage and celebrations surrounding it, it serves as a stark contrast to Super Bowl I, then called the AFL-NFL Championship Game.