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St. Louis Park backs away from first-in-state plastic bag ban

But the city is moving ahead on requiring recyclable or compostable packaging.

Charges coming against man who allegedly hid Minn. teen's body after using drugs

Laura Ann Schwendemann was found dead in October after a two-week search. An autopsy revealed she had been on meth.

Paul Douglas on Weather
40s in December - El Nino Signal Dominates - Why Temperature Trumps Snowfall Amounts for Winter Storm Impacts

I hope you survived our epic "storm" on Monday; I know - so many stories to share. I fear we're getting soft, and there's every indication the winter to come will continue to trend significantly milder than average. We'll still see snow and cold, but by recent standards this may wind up being a fairly wimpy winter overall. No big storms brewing, just a few days above 40F, a possible return of colder air by mid-December.

Class Act
St. Paul identifies need for middle school

Public discussions about options still to come, however.

On the Wolves
Wolves' Pekovic says: 'I feel like I can play like I used to'

Wolves injured center Nikola Pekovic is a couple weeks away from joining team for workouts on his road back from April surgery.

Lee Schafer
Attention, retirees: Social Security loophole is closing

Sometimes when Congress gets around to closing a loophole in some government program, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that it's not just…

Jon Tevlin
With Capitol under renovation, debate begins on which art is appropriate when it reopens

When it comes to the Anton Gag painting “Attack on New Ulm,” which was hanging in the Minnesota State Capitol before being stored during the…

Chip Scoggins
Scoggins: U's Claeys has right to make big moves in small window

Claeys deserves the freedom to make decisions that he feels will enable him to win in the short term to keep his job. Change can be both necessary and painful.

'I'm childless by choice and I feel pretty great about it'

"Every time we see our friends struggling with managing jobs, kids, a car seat and the ability to poop in privacy, we look at each other and say: 'Oh, man. No thanks. A world of no thanks!'"

Confessions of a Packers fan who married into a Vikings family

"I grew up with the Green Bay Packers, in suburban Milwaukee, the way you grow up with gravity," writes 10,000 Takes contributor Tim Gihring. Then he married into a family of Vikings fans.

A lesbian mom feels pressure to be perfect

As much progress as we have made in our fight for equality, we still sometimes feel the pressure to be the perfect lesbian family.