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Aaron Schnagl convicted in the drug-related death of Danielle Jelinek

A Chisago County man, Aaron Schnagl, was found guilty of third-degree murder Friday evening for providing the cocaine that killed Danielle Jelinek. But the jury found him not guilty of concealing her body.

Old Country Buffet abruptly closes 74 stores, 7 in Twin Cities

The Twin Cities has just three Old Country Buffet restaurants left after its parent company abruptly shut down seven locations Thursday part of a national restructuring that closed a total of 74 restaurants.

Trump Lover is Voting Bernie

Meeting a crossover voter and experiencing the power the New Hampshire voter thinks they have.

Paul Douglas on Weather
Sunday Blizzard Potential Western Minnesota - Subzero Swipe Next Weekend

20s didn't feel too bad out there yesterday; today and Sunday (morning) should feel even better as temperatures flirt with freezing. Enjoy the attempted thaw, because a week from now temperatures may be dipping below zero. A couple of clippers are brewing; Sunday's swirl of low pressure will whip up 30-35 mph gusts capable of white-out conditions, especially Red River Valley and western Minnesota.

Souhan on Sports
Souhan: Broncos' Ware came prepared to entertain

It's Super Bowl week, and DeMarcus Ware came prepared to entertain. He talked about playing the guitar, writing poetry, and traveling the world with his camera.

Jim Souhan
Souhan: After long wait, Panthers' Rivera nears pinnacle

This week in the Bay Area, Ron Rivera's Carolina Panthers have become one of the loosest of all Super Bowl teams.

Paul Brand
Paul Brand: Real world take on nitrogen-filled tires

As a follow-up to my column regarding nitrogen use in tires, this from John MacBain, Ph.D.:"Nitrogen obeys the same universal gas law as oxygen, hydrogen,…

Chris Riemenschneider
Lizzo sets off a 'Big GRRRL' revolution

Opening up about her body image was no small feat for the real-life Melissa Jefferson, whose single and video "My Skin" has started a new kind of buzz around the Minneapolis hip-hop/R&B star.