Gail Rosenblum
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Carolyn Riley, Minnetonka 71, married for 46 years, divorced in 2012

“People felt so free and safe to speak what was on their hearts. To be in a group where you could just speak your own truth was very important.”

Janis Borchers, Minnetonka 57, married for 25 years, divorced in 2008

“It was a very scary time, and I was not equipped, having been primarily a stay-at-home mom. The encouragement piece was huge.”

Chris Jordan, Apple Valley 48, married for 10 years, divorced in 2006

“I asked, ‘Is this going to be sitting around the campfire singing “Kumbaya”?’ I had an 8-year-old, and the hardest part was that I felt alone. Jennifer said, ‘Listen, learn, make connections.’ ”

Resources for men

Second Saturday Twin Cities, 612-518-6000.

Twin Cities Men’s Center, 612-822-5892.

Divorced Guys/The Divorce Men’s Network,